Serving the People
who Serve Your Customers.

Your employees are the backbone of your business. They’re one of your largest investments and are the make-or-break element to your success– but they’re also one of your largest obligations. How does your business maximize the potential of your workforce with clarity and efficiency? 

Let Paragon help you meet (and tackle) this challenge. Our comprehensive HR & Benefits Administration services are designed to reduce obligatory burdens, strengthen relationships, and empower your people.

Easy Hiring

Extend your reach when looking for the best candidates with Paragon’s Payentry Hire applicant tracking and onboarding. 

Effectively compete for the best employees with integrated tools that allow you to quickly post positions to your internal website, job boards and social media. Create your own database of talent with candidate management.

Complete the customized hiring experience with digital onboarding that sends new employees standard and job specific documents, employee handbooks, and more, for completion before they start.

Help your employees feel better oriented on day one – and reduce the time to productivity.


Paragon’s HR and Benefits Administration software enables you to access and manage everything you need from a single login. Rapid implementation (no hardware to buy or software to upgrade), ease of use, and optimized for administration automation, Paragon’s comprehensive web-based HR management system is an invaluable addition to helping your employees– and business –thrive.

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Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

Benefits Management

Workforce Management

Approval Workflow

Employee Portal


HR Support Center

Paragon’s complete HR and benefits management system also includes access to your most vital tool as a business administrator: Paragon HR Support Center.

As a Paragon customer, you’ll have access to a dedicated Certified HR Professional, 24-hour access to a personalized portal, endless HR tools and information, and access to our nation-wide network of HR consultants and specialists with HR On-Demand. 

Even More with HR Support

Employee Handbook Customization
Best Practices & Helpful Tips
Procedure Manual Customization
Weekly Updates
Job Descriptions & Applications
Monthly Newsletter
Legal & Regulatory Information
Hiring Guidelines
Compliance Issue Resolution
Q&A Databases
Employment Laws & Forms

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Paragon helps you serve the ones that serve you. Let us help reduce the HR burden on your business by providing a solution designed to embrace simplicity within your company culture.
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