Manage Smarter,
Not Harder.
Say Hello to Workforce Management Solutions from Paragon.

Think efforts to improve time and labor management won’t result in a more efficient, profitable company? Think again.

Workforce management systems are proven to be a business’ most powerful ally in keeping profits where they belong; and while some companies just need a simple timekeeping system, scheduling application, or even a job costing platform, where does a business go to get an all-encompassing solution customized for their business?

Paragon offers a modular and customizable workforce management solution to help you finally tackle that task with ease and efficiency. Using a web- and app-based platform, Paragon clients may finally enjoy total control over their workforce with true workforce management functionality at their fingertips. Now that’s managing smarter, not harder.

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What’s Included?

Real-Time Access

Time-Off Request Management

Employee Self-Service

Multi-Platform App

Unlimited Employees, Codes, Policies, & Shifts

Simplified Accrual Tracking (Sick Days, Vacation Time, Etc.)

Shift Differentials

Job Costing Module

Consistent Business Rules-Based Processing

Unlimited User-Defined Schedules

Holiday Management

Auto Error Checking

Yes. There’s a lot more.

Shift Swapping

Auto Time Entires for Approved Absences

Multiple Overtime Categories

Meals & Break Time Reporting

Flex Time & Shift Splits

Custom Time Rounding

Advanced Scheduling Module

Multiple Currency, Language, and Date Formats

Auto Email Notifications to Supervisors & Admins for Alerts & Requests

Customizable Admin & Access Settings

Ready to Get Started?

Your business is as unique as you are. Let Paragon be your partner in customizing the right time and labor management solution for you.

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