Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

In recognition of Earth Day, Paragon is excited to share some of the initiatives we have in place to reduce our carbon footprint.

The very nature of the payroll and HR industry in paper intensive, and Paragon is committed to reducing our consumption and providing services that enable our clients to go as paperless as possible.

  • Paragon transmits client files and reports, digitally and securely, as often as possible, including client payroll reports, client tax reconciliations/returns, and employee documents (W2s and 1095s).
  • Paragon offers direct deposit and paycards at no additional cost to promote digital payments to our client’ employees.
  • We encourage our clients to take advantage of our digital onboarding service which can minimize the mounds of paper that new hires must complete – including tax forms, employee handbooks, and regulatory notices.
  • By enabling Employee Self Service with workflow approvals, our clients reduce paper forms for benefit enrollment, time off requests, direct deposit enrollment, and so much more.

COVID protocols pushed us to the work-from-home world, and we are realizing the value of telecommuting.

  • Telecommuting is enabling our employees to shrink their carbon footprint by not having to commute to the office every day, reducing gas consumption, and reducing traffic in our communities.
  • Our employees are also enjoying an improved work/life balance, saving money on commuting costs, and making healthier choices by cooking at home more.
  • Paragon is positioned to hire the best and brightest talent anywhere in the country so we can better align and serve our national client base.
  • Like many of our clients, a remote workforce brings new challenges like creating meaningful employee engagement. We leverage our own Share & Perform engagement technology to keep the teams up to date on corporate initiatives, conduct employee surveys, request and give feedback, and find common connections through shared interest groups.

Join us as we celebrate Mother Earth and work together for a better future.